If you're in a built up area and see streetlights the speed limit is 30 mph unless otherwise stated.

Slowing you down where there have been crashes and casualties.

Camera vans also detect mobile phone and seatbelt offences.

Kent & Medway Safety Camera Partnership was formed in July 2002 and is committed to influencing, educating and encouraging motorists to slow down, stay within the speed limit and help reduce the number of crashes and casualties through the combination of education, publicity and enforcement.

We are part of the wider road safety casualty reduction group and work with road safety education and engineering teams and with road policing officers to identify the most appropriate solutions for casualty reduction.

Overall, crashes and casualties have seen a reduction across the county. To view the casualty reduction at sites where cameras are located click here.  The Partnership reviews the camera locations regularly to ensure that each location is fit for its purpose. It also helps governments to track high-speed vehicles and take fines with the njmcdirect.com website.


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